“Waiting For Frida”
By Erin O'Riordan and Tit Elingtin
An Excerpt from Cut

Brigid looked around, but did not see Frida’s Toyota anywhere on the street.  It was Monday morning, and
Frida was always at church on Mondays anyway.  She had some time to kill, so Brigid decided to wait.  She
knew that Frida’s roommate, Leander, would be home.

She went up to the door and knocked hard.  She waited, but there was no answer.  She went around to the
side of the house, climbed up on top of the air conditioner, and banged on Leander’s bedroom window with all
her strength.  One of Frida’s neighbors peered from between his blinds, frowning at Brigid.

A moment later, a confused and disheveled Leander came to the front door.  He stood on the other side of the
storm door, staring at Brigid with wide eyes.

“Are you gonna let me in?  It’s fucking cold out here!”

It wasn’t so cold.  In her letter jacket, sweater and a long skirt, Brigid was perfectly comfortable.  

Brigid had never been alone in the house with Leander before.  The fact that he was something of a mystery
to her, always half-hiding when she came by, made her curious about him.   

Leander reluctantly opened the door, and Brigid stepped inside.  She wrinkled her nose at the smell.  
Obviously neither Frida nor Leander had done any housekeeping lately.  Stepping over a pile of sweat-
stained white t-shirts, she went into the kitchen.  She always made herself at home when she was at Frida’s.  

Both sides of the sink were filled with dirty dishes.  Brigid threw her letter jacket onto a kitchen chair, but kept
her purse strapped to her back.  She lifted all the dishes out of one side of the sink and set them down on the
counter.  She pulled a clean bowl from a cupboard and filled it with water, transferring the water into the coffee

“Please tell me you have coffee,” she said to Leander, who stood in the doorway, watching her sleepily.

Leander looked in the refrigerator.  It was almost empty, but there was a can of dark roast coffee in the back.  
Brigid rummaged around in the drawers until she found a filter.  She scooped out enough coffee grounds for
three pots and started the coffee maker.

“There,” she said.  “While that’s brewing, let’s watch some TV.”

“Frida’s not here, you know,” said Leander.  He followed Brigid into the living room.  She pushed a tangle of
blankets and pillows off the couch and sat down.  Leander sat in the chair across from her.

“I know,” she said.  “But it’s almost ten.  Mass will have ended, and she’ll just have to go to confession, and
then she’ll be home.  It shouldn’t be long.  Frida doesn’t have that many sins.”

“She doesn’t always come straight home,” Leander said.  “Shouldn’t you be in school right now?”

“Who says I’m not?”

“I do.  You’re not.”

“Well, I’m not going to school today.  I’ll wait for Frida.”

Leander grumbled something under his breath, but Brigid ignored him.  She dug the remote out of the couch
and flipped through the channels twice.   

“TV sucks,” she said.  “What’s in the DVD player?”

“Nothing,” said Leander worriedly.  He jumped up to stop her.  It was too late.  She’d already hit the button to
change the TV over to DVD mode and pressed play.  

In a second, they were looking at a naked Latina woman with huge breasts.  She moaned and swore in
Spanish.  Her partner, a white man with an enormous cock, took her from behind.  The look on her face was
one of genuine pleasure.  Brigid giggled, watching the man grope the woman’s enormous breasts.  The
woman’s dark nipples hardened.  

“Do you think those tits are real, Leander?” Brigid asked.  Unconsciously, she drew her hand to her own,
smaller breasts.  

As he stood next to her in front of the TV, Brigid caught the scent of his cologne.  She recognized the scent; it
was something all the guys at school wore.  But she couldn’t think of the name.  She wanted to get closer, to
smell it again so that the name would come to mind.

Leander finally pressed stop.  The screen went dark.  

“I was watching that!” Brigid protested.  “I never get to watch porn at home.  My mom put one of those stupid
parental control things on the pay-per-view channels.”

“You like this stuff?” Leander asked.  “I didn’t think girls watched porn.  Frida won’t watch it.”

“Of course she wouldn’t watch porn with you.  She’d be afraid you would molest her.”

“I wouldn’t,” Leander said, looking down at his bare feet.  He wanted to look at Brigid’s breasts, but now didn’t
seem like the time.   “I can control myself.”

She looked skeptical.  “I don’t know.  I’ve never watched porn with a guy without it turning into sex, or at least a
hand job.”

He thought for a moment, slowly looking up so that his eyes met hers.  “But you were going to watch it with

Brigid shrugged.  “I don’t know.  There’s nothing else to do, is there?”  She found the DVD remote and put the
movie back on.

On the screen, the camera left the first couple behind and moved on.  Now a white guy in a business suit was
sitting behind a desk, getting his dick sucked by a Latina woman in a very short housekeeping uniform.  As the
woman knelt, the uniform rode up over her hips, exposing a pair of black thong panties between the muscular
curves of her ass.

“That’s such a stereotype,” Brigid said.  “The way she’s sucking his cock is kind of sexy, though.”

“I can’t believe you like watching porn.  How old are you anyway, Brigid?”

“I’m old enough,” she said.  “I’m eighteen.  How old are you?”  She knew that Frida was twenty-one.  But that
didn’t tell her the roommate’s age.  With his dark brown eyes, his baked-gingerbread complexion, and the
loose curls of his black hair, Leander looked young.  He could have been anywhere from eighteen to twenty-
five, though.

“I’ll be twenty-one in March,” he said, noticing the way she studied him.

“Oh,” she said, noticing the obvious bulge in his loose-fitting jeans.

He looked away, then looked back at her.  “Will you do that to me?”

“Okay,” she said.  

He pulled her by the hand into his bedroom like a little boy waking up mommy on Christmas morning.  She
pulled the door closed behind them.

As Leander sat down on the bed and unbuttoned his jeans, Brigid looked around the room.  Wow, she was
finally in the secret part of Frida’s house, the forbidden zone.  Leander didn’t have much besides the beat-up
furniture that had been there before he moved in, and a new stereo with stacks of CDs.  So he liked music.  
Brigid liked music; maybe they had something in common other than a love of porn DVDs.  

The smell of cologne was strong here; he must have put some on before she came over.  She looked for the
bottle but didn’t see it.  Oh well, she thought.  She would think of the name later.

Brigid took the pillow from the bed, set it on the worn carpet and rested her knees on it.  

“Are you any good at this?” Leander asked, stroking his long, hard cock.  He leaned back, lying down.  

“Um-hmm,” she said, licking her lips.  “I like giving head.  Do you have a condom?”

“Do I have to?”

Brigid took her purse off her back and fished around inside it.  “That’s okay if you don’t,” she said.  She found
what she was looking for, a cherry-flavored condom.

“You’re going to like this,” she said.   She unwrapped the package.  “Frida showed me how to do this,
actually.  Only she used a banana.”  She then puckered her lips, sucking in slightly so that the condom
covered the opening of her mouth.  She pressed it against the hard, thick head of his cock, using her lips to
begin unrolling the condom.

“That’s a neat trick,” Leander said as she used her fingers to finish the job.  Brigid smiled.   

Brigid closed her eyes.  She kept them closed as she ran her tongue up and down the length of him.  He
smelled like he hadn’t had a bath yet today, but Brigid didn’t mind.  Mixed with the cologne and the cherry
scent of the condom, it smelled very male.  

She wrapped the fingers of one hand around his rigid cock and started to stroke it.  He gave a low moan.  He
was breathing heavily now.  She liked the feeling of being in control of him.  

Fulfilling her fantasies about the mysterious Leander made Brigid’s pussy wet.  Her clit throbbed as she licked
and sucked his cock.  With her free hand, Brigid pulled up her long skirt.  She slid her finger into her panties
and dipped it into the moisture of her pussy.  With her slick finger, she massaged her clit, matching the rhythm
of her other hand on Leander’s dick.  Soon she was moaning just as loudly as he was.    

Still tasting his cock, she ran her tongue up and down, exploring where the rubber met the tender skin of his
scrotum and the rough, curling hairs.  She changed direction, licking him up to the condom’s reservoir tip.  All
the while, her fingers never stopped stroking up and down.

“Does that feel good?” she asked him.  His thick cock jerked in response.

After a few more cherry-flavored licks, she opened her mouth wide and let the head of his cock slide in and
out of her lips.  Leander’s body stiffened.

“Oh,” she said.  “You like that, huh?”

She leaned forward and took as much of him into her mouth as she could without gagging.  Leander bit down
on his own arm to keep from screaming.  

“No you don’t,” Brigid said teasingly, holding her fingers still now.  “You don’t get to come before me.  That’s
bad manners.”

“Please,” he said in a thin, choked voice.  “Please just let me fuck you.”

These were the words she was waiting to hear.  Brigid stood.  She unzipped her long denim skirt and let it slip
to the floor.  She left her white lace panties on, pushing aside their crotch to allow Leander’s cock to slide in
between her drenched pussy lips.  She was startled at the fatness of his cock, how tightly he fit inside her.  Her
body rippled with pleasure as the walls of her pussy clenched around his cock, drawing him in deeper.  

“Oh, hell yes,” she cried out as she felt the head of his cock rub against her cervix.

She helped him pull his dingy white t-shirt up over his head and dropped it onto the floor.  She leaned in close
to lick his nipples, just enough to make them wet.  Her fingers toyed with them as she rocked her hips.  Her
body filled with pleasant tension, winding up like a spring ready for release.  She rocked harder, shaking the
bed, as she felt her orgasm coming.  When he reached around to squeeze her ass, she lost control, coming
on top of him in violent spasms.

“Stop,” he said as Brigid continued shaking the bed, his voice still a thin wheeze.  “I’m gonna come.”

Sighing with the aftershocks of her intense orgasm, she got off of him.  She knelt back down on the pillow and
fingered his cock, now slippery with the moisture from her pussy.  “Okay,” she said.  “Come, then.”  She
wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, withdrawing as she felt his cock jerking and heard him roar with
pleasure.  She watched with satisfaction as the tip of the condom filled with his come.

When his breathing had returned to almost normal, Brigid picked up Leander’s dirty t-shirt from the floor.  With
a swift, confident hand, she rolled the spent condom off him and wiped away some of the come that dribbled
down his cock.  

She couldn’t find a handy trash can, so she just dropped the t-shirt onto the floor.  

“Good boy,” she said, smiling at him as she reached back into her purse.  “You’re still hard.”

She found a new condom and put it on him with her lips again.  His cock pulsed at the touch of her tongue.

“Now,” she said, “where was I?”

“Oh God,” he said as she let his cock slide inside her once again.   

Brigid was still marveling at how tightly that cock fit inside her pussy, even after she was so wet and had rode
him so hard, when the door swung open.  Wearing only a sweater, Brigid turned to greet Frida.

“What are you doing?” Frida shouted, looking squarely at Brigid.

“We were waiting for you,” Brigid said.  She inhaled, breathing in the smell of cherry, unnamed cologne and
sweaty male that still clung to her.