"Sex is the life force.  It is the creative power.  What better
place to find an intimate relationship with God?  Perhaps sex
can be a kind of centering prayer, a commitment to waiting for
God by making ourselves totally present to the body, mind and
soul of another person."
Joan Borysenko, in A Woman's Journey to
God:Finding the Feminine Path
(Riverhead Books:  New York, 1999).Page 141.
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Satyr review
Lucrezia Magazine, September 2008
A review of the Jenna Jameson beauty-and-beast film
"Chocolate Jesus and  the Oral Thing"
An essay exploring the sensual side of the infamous
Cavallaro sculpture. Originally featured at
Personal Essays
Film Reviews
Pairs of Really Big Ones
From the March '07 Oysters & Chocolate A sexual basketball jones. Taking
being a fan to a fantastic level. On the court getting off.
Review of Ultra Flesh
Now featured at Lucrezia Magazine!
"No More Periods"
My first article in SexIs, an online magazine of
Eden Fantasys,
exploring the issue of menstrual suppression
"Getting a Rise From the Machines: Terminator
as Erotica"
October 2009 from Oysters and Chocolate
"Adult Film Review:  A Midsummer Night's Cream"
The Erotic Woman, Nov. 2007
Fairy magic, the way Shakespeare would have done it if he
could have.
"An Erotic Challenge:  Immanuela Kunt"
First published in
Lucrezia Magazine,
April 2008
Peter Parker's Aunt May Is A Goddess: Erin's
review of
Spiderman 3 .  

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